dawn lippiatt

It is both curious and insightful being an artist in residence. The artist becomes both a voyeur and an active individual in her surroundings. In this place she must learn a new role, absorb the culture and fit in..... well, as best she can... to a family life, that is so culturally alien, it can overload the conscious mind.

And I wanted to immerse myself. Who are the people of Lanna, How do they live, work, and love? What are the roles of the men, women and children and how do they interact? Behaviour? Labour? Traditions? Craft? And my special interest, agriculture.

The work here is just my first tentative steps in response to 2 short months at Monfai Cultural Centre.

Aesthetically I found myself particularly drawn to that wonderful material mostly untapped by Western culture and so impressively employed in Thailand, bamboo. I became fascinated, the tools made from it, ornaments, vessels, and houses. And bamboo became a metaphorical too/vehicle to express my thoughts.

Thematically my work leans towards memory, the fragility of life and mans vulnerability to outside forces. I use materials and events from my surroundings (a farm in England) as inspiration and create sculptures that are unconsciously driven.

Two incidents led me to the work here today, the sad loss of Lampats mum and the careless meeting I had with an American lady who is literally saving lives. Using everyday objects as a language of domesticity and belonging I have sought to deliberately unsettle the viewer by creating the uncomfortable, in order to talk about the huge issue that blights much of Asia and Europe and that is sex trafficking. Early in my residency I was privileged to meet and work with a covert rescue centre that helped liberate both refugee and sex trafficked young girls back into a life that is free of fear. The installations are my initial thoughts and reflections

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