dawn lippiatt

Chain of Custody 2010

Wooden test tube stand

Ice test tubes each approx 1200mm x 150mm

Exhibited as part of Illumunate Bath 2010 see a video at its showing in Bath’s Green Park Station

Chain of Custody is an actual medical term that describes the history of experimental samples, in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination in the lab.

“I found this idea very seductive. What if the experiment embraced cross contamination and organic change?”

Alchemy tends to be about lengthening life but however much we try, life is finite.

Chain of Custody aims to visually create natural transience/change.The test tubes approx 1200mm x 150mm are made entirely from frozen water, food colouring and dyes. The tubes are open to the elements. They drip and deteriorate and even remold themselves. They invite people to touch the work. And then they are no more.